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  • Technical Writing        (see sample articles)
  • API Documentation -- Java, C++
  • Programming (MANMAN): FORTRAN, Cognos Powerhouse, UDMS
        (General): COBOL, BASIC, Java, HTML/web
  • MANMAN Implementation
  • Customization
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HPe3000 MANMAN Resume 


A big six consulting firm advertises that they won't recommended anything they can't do. I believe my job is to recommend what is needed. If I can't help implement the solution my job is to help find someone who can.

I believe effective software development and support is a team activity. No one can be fully conversant will all aspects of MANMAN. I am privileged to be able to draw upon the expertise of the most experienced MANMAN consultants in the United States. Together we can take on MANMAN projects of all sizes.


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