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Applications: Manufacturing and business administration -- emphasis on ASK MANMAN

Services: Analysis and design -- emphasis on data modeling.

Technical Writing

Languages: FORTRAN, Cognos PowerHouse & Impromptu, UDMS, COBOL, JAVA, SQL

Platforms: HP-3000 (programming and operations); Microsoft Windows

Experience: ASK MANMAN: 14 years, Overall: 20+ years

HP e3000 MANMAN & Manufacturing Experience

Perimeter Products, Fremont, CA  2000, 2003

Provided data downloads from MANMAN for system conversion.
Designed inventory procedures including a custom inventory tag report.

FTI Consulting, New York, NY   2002 – 2003

Forensic data recovery and analysis.  This litigation is still in process.

InnerDyne Medical, Sunnyvale, CA  1999 - 2000

Created a 'Virtual GL' in a MS Excel spreadsheet that duplicates the roll-up and reporting functions of MANMAN GL. The Virtual GL downloads production data directly from Mfg, OMAR, AP as well as from GL in order to take an up to the moment snapshot of financial status.
Created a procedure in MS Access SQL that updates an Access database with data extracted from MANMAN.  Wrote reports in Cognos Impromptu.   Installed and evaluated the ODBC engines from Minisoft, M.B. Foster and HP.

Quadrus Manufacturing, San Jose, CA 1997

Researched and recommended a data warehousing and end user reporting strategy and tools.
Powerhouse QUIZ and FORTRAN programming.

Agile Software, San Jose, CA 1996, 1997

Designed and coded the Agile to MANMAN Interface & Validation Utility (IVU) - a interface between the Agile Configuratorä product data management system and MANMAN. The IVU software gives Agile Configurator control of part, BOM, ECO, and product master data on MANMAN.

AROMAT Corporation, San Jose, CA 1996

Maintained custom FORTRAN and QUIZ programs.

The Support Group, Austin, TX 1996

Documentation and installation of EDiXä - a EDI to MANMAN interface product.

Document Imaging Systems Corp. (DISC), Milpitas, CA 1993 to 1996

Implemented MANMAN version 9.4 Engineer, Manufacturing, AP, and GL for this engineering focused startup. Responsible for implementation project management, training, documentation, programming and system operations. Installed hardware and established operating procedures for a HP 3000 917 system. Programmed custom reports, utilities, and conversions with UDMS.

Faroudja Laboratories, Sunnyvale, CA 1994 to 1996

Consulting and technical support for this MANMAN version 6, "classic" HP3000 MPE/V, user. Implemented MRP, fixed and updated date routines.

Northern Telecom, Santa Clara, CA 1995

Migrated a ‘classic’ MPE/V HP-3000 to a MPE/iX computer system. Migrated Cognos Powerhouse version 3, 4, and 5 programs (QUIZ, QUICK, QTP, dictionary) to version 7.09.

3Com, Santa Clara, CA 1995

Supported highly modified MANMAN manufacturing and integrated third party systems.

InnerDyne Inc. (formerly InnerDyne Medical), Sunnyvale, CA 1995

Created a commission extract downloadable to PC system with UDMS.

Symtron, Palo Alto, CA 1994

Consulting and technical support for this version 4.0 HP MANMAN user on a "as needed" basis.

Trimble Navigation, Sunnyvale, CA . 1993

Supported manufacturing and finance. Consulting designer and Cognos expert for a sales commission system integrated with ASK version 8.0. Wrote several MRP like Cognos reports for ‘what if’ analysis; a GL utility that adds new accounts to report structures; and data downloads to a Sybase/Impromptu/HP UX based reporting system. Reversed engineered FORTRAN programs.

MAXTOR Corporation, San Jose, CA 992 to 1993

Technical lead on Parts Merge project to combined MANMAN part and product numbers worldwide. Reverse engineered OMAR's AR Aging report and Mfg's Indented Bill of Material report and re-created them in COGNOS Powerhouse QTP & QUIZ with additional features.

Network Computer Devices, Inc., Mt. View, CA 1992

Miscellaneous enhancements including QUIZ reports for OMAR & Serviceman, and adding features to FORTRAN reports. Submitted a proposal for a system based upon OMAR, Serviceman, Mfg, and Powerhouse that would automatically track and ship new releases of software to customers covered by service contracts.

3Com Corporation, Santa Clara, CA 1992

Created automatic invoicing utilities to invoice shipments processed though a PC-network based shipment manifesting system. Project completed on budget with only one minor defect discovered in four months of production. Modified the programs in OMAR's sales order cycle to support a new type of 'internal only' special note code and instruction text.

Silicon Graphics Computer Systems, Mt. View, CA 1991

Supported SGI's customer service division by enhancing the existing COBOL transaction processing system and designing and writing QUIZ reports for end-users. Applications included logging and tracking support and repair calls (FIREMAN), repair parts inventory (FICS), service contract and installed base administration (FACS).

Further enhanced heavily modified COBOL, VIEW, and IMAGE based customer service transaction systems.

Worked directly with end users to specify, design, code, and install new reports and file download utilities written in Powerhouse QUIZ, Vesoft's STREAMX, and FTP.

ASK Computer Systems, Inc., Mt. View, CA 1988 to 1990

ASK corporate MIS. Responsible for business analysis, design, and programming on large business projects. Serviced clients from OA, purchasing, finance, payroll, HR, customer support, marketing and field sales. All applications were based on, or compatible with, ASK MANMAN.

Enhanced HP MANMAN modules including OMAR, Manufacturing (Mfg), GL, AP, ServiceMan, Payroll, HR, and Decision Maker.

Conceptualized, designed, and built a system to segregate and track orders for externally purchased VAR products which accounted for approximately 80 million in annual revenue.

Worked directly with end users on new development projects for customer/product/support tracking and volume purchase agreement maintenance and discount calculation.

Extensive new development using Powerhouse QUIZ, QUICK, QTP, and QDD. Some new development and extensive maintenance in ASK FORTRAN.

Planned and implemented conversions to versions 6.1 and 7.1.

Other Software Experience

Hewlett-Packard, CSY Division, Santa Clara, CA, 2001

Proposed, designed, and wrote a self maintained referral website.  The website was based upon server side JAVA programming using the Enhydra environment from Lutris.  (With corporate changes within HP the project was cancelled after beta testing.)

INTEREX, Sunnyvale, CA 1998

Powerhouse QUIZ programming for membership system.

Hewlett-Packard Corporate Marketing, Santa Clara, CA 1991

Designed, wrote, and installed a 'gray market' retail sales tracking system to track, status, and report violations of HP's channel marketing agreements. Developed screens, reports, and batch processes entirely in Powerhouse and installed batch jobs in Maestro.

Pertaine Systems Inc., Redwood City, CA 1985 to 1988

(Now Quintessential Systems & Carter Shaffer-Pertain)

Responsible for providing contract services as the 'dedicated resource' to the Kern County Office of Education. Services included project management, analysis, and COBOL, VIEW, and Powerhouse programming. Projects included:

Data conversion and IBM system interfaces

Payroll module upgrades.

An on-line, special education student evaluation and services information system.

The pioneering user of Cognos Powerhouse at PSI for commercial applications.

CitiBank, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 1985

Member of a contract team that modified Citibank's financial reporting system to incorporate new divisions.

San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA 1982 to 1985

Programmer/Analyst for the Department of Extended Education. Responsible for analysis, design, and COBOL programming on a CDC Cyber mainframe. Drastically reduced system failures, added many enhancements, and wrote a data base guide and user documentation. Beta user of a COBOL code generator and contributor to a user's guide for it.

International Diamond Corporation, Inc., San Rafael, CA 1980 to1982

Designed and programmed sales and financial applications and a mail system in BASIC on a HP 3000 and in COBOL on a Burroughs 6800 mainframe.

Santa Rosa Jr. College Computing Services, Santa Rosa, CA 1978 to 1980

Student operator/programmer responsible for light operations and programming. Student consultant in DP lab.


Articles in the 3000 Newswire (available online at www.3kworld.com):
  MANMAN has been there all along, May 2000
  The Full Report (A survey of 7 reporting utilities),  April 1999
  Manufacturing a plan to avoid Catch 3000,  1998
..Is there still life left in the old MANMAN?,  March 1998
  The HP 3000: A personal mainframe for everyone?,  Oct. 1997

MANMAN on the Bridge to the 21st Century, presentation at CAMUS '98 (Austin); NWAUG, April 1997.

UDMS Order of Execution and Internals, tutorial at March 1995 Western UDMS user group meeting; extracted from UDMS Notes (available on request).

Software Ethics is more than What You Don’t Do, Proc. of the 5th All Texas Rug, 1994 - featured in "The HP Users INTEREXPress", Jan. 1995, Vol. 15, No. 1.

Logic for Data Modeling and Design: Why Data Modeling Fails and How to Fix It, Proc. of the 5th All Texas RUG, 1994; 15th Annual BAYRUG Conf., 1994.

The Foundations of Programming: A Practical Guide to Formal Methods and Relational Theory tutorial presented at the INTEREX ‘93 Conf., San Francisco.

Black Arts & Engineering: What We Really Know About Software, Proc. of the 10th Annual ASK MANMAN User's Conf., 1993

What's the Object When It's Relational?: Relational & Object Oriented Principles for Everyday Systems, presented at the SF Bay Area & Sacramento COGNOS User groups, 1992.

Principles of Software Production, presented at the 8th Annual ASK MANMAN Conference, 1991. Practical Software Engineering, Proc. of the 11th Annual BAYRUG Conf., 1990

Lessons for MIS from World Class Manufacturing, Proc. of the 7th Annual ASK MANMAN User's Conf., 1990.



International Society of Hewlett-Packard Computer Users (INTEREX) - Co-chair of Consultants SIG; Board member SIG Manman/Choices

Certification series on Technical Communications, University of California Santa Cruz Extension

Toxic Project Teams, UCSC Extension

Conference on Organizational Computing Systems, August 1995

University of Manufacturing at ASK (UMA), OMAR, HP ASK FORTRAN; ASK Computer Systems.

Software Engineering Management, Tom Gilb/IEEE Computer Society.

Customer Centered Quality & Project Management (3 courses), Project Linguistics International.

IFIPS 11th World Computer Congress, August 1989.



Customers and Products, APICS CIRM certification program.

Introduction to Technical Communications, 2002;  High Productivity Teams, 1994; Software Quality & Testing, 1993; Principles of Software Engineering, 1990; University of California Extension.

System Engineering, Engineering Project Management and Leadership, Project Business Management; Center for Systems Management/University of California Extension, 1990-92.

Core courses in the BS in Business Analysis and Computing Systems, San Francisco State University, 1983-88.

Certificate in Business Data Processing, Santa Rosa Jr. College, 1980

Note:  Originally developed by ASK,  MANMAN has been a product under Computer Associate's CA interBiz line and most recently SSA Global Technologies, Inc (SSA GT).

Last revised: January 2004



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